‘Great Teacher’

“I have always been interested in taking yoga, but after my first experience at my local health club, I was very disappointed. My vision loss, I thought, had really made it too difficult for me to participate as I couldn’t see the instructor to maintain the poses correctly. I gave up on yoga until Catherine came to our office and talked about her willingness and desire to work with people with vision loss. After our first class, I was hooked. Catherine made us all feel very much at home, describing the poses in a very descriptive manner.  When we do have those communication glitches, Catherine asks us for our help and input, and we always have a giggle  or two coming  up with analogies that signify the pose. Catherine also works hands-on to put our bodies in the correct stance, which for someone with vision loss, is a terrific help. After each class I feel so wonderful – energized, relaxed and strong. Catherine also helps us learn more about the full practice of yoga, the mantras and beliefs that make yoga a complete mind-body experience. Catherine is a great teacher, very patient and fun!” - Kathy Austin - Associate Manager of Rehabilitation Services - Guild for the Blind

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