'Rock Star'


You’re a rock star!!!

Thanks for being so awesome and helping our participants experience yoga!

I am grateful to have you on staff :)


 From one of your students:

First of all let me express how grateful I am for your recruitment of Cat as our yoga instructor. She is an absolutely enthusiastic, devoted and overall amazing teacher, and a fabulous person. I took the trial class with no expectations and have been coming to her classes ever since (almost a year now). Secondly, thank you for adding another class with her on Friday, I am really looking forward to having classes with her three times a week. Lastly, I wanted to inquire if there is any way to have these classes offered continuously without interruptions for student breaks. There are at least three regular attendees of this class (Kathleen, Julia and me) who are actually a facultee here at UIC and we would all love to have Cat's classes without long interruptions. Please let me know.


Natalia Litbarg, MD

University of Illinois

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