My Health and Wealth has benefited drastically since being introduced to two (2) historically implemented methods to aid in the physical and pyschological health, Yoga and Essential Oils. When I was introduced to both the oils and yoga simutaneously, I saw the power of the oils had in my yoga practice. Besides keeping my yoga mat and space clean and chemical free, when used properly and respectfully, essential oils can be extremely powerful and healing to the body and mind. Many of us enjoy using and incorporating essential oils in our daily lives. These oils are the life force of the plant and our main goal in yoga is to direct the life force to help balance and restore our bodies and minds, so it only makes sense to integrate essential oils into our yoga practice. I believe the greatest benefit of essentail oils in yoga is using them to brind the mind into a space of focus, concentration, and inner peace.

May your journey begin and end in peace and harmony.

Namaste. Yoga Cat