Press Release! Cat Teaches at Harper College's Retreat


Cat Boskovic, Certified Yoga Instructor/Wellness Educator and Aromatherapy Rep., teaches afternoon Session at Harper College's 2012 Faculty Retreat located at Poplar Creek Country Club, Friday February 24, 2012. 
Being an educator is a demanding role which requires us to wear many hats – counselor, mentor, entertainer
With all the stress and pressure our demanding jobs bring about, it’s important that we take care of ourselves so we can better serve our students. So, this year our retreat is devoted to YOU, the person, and to your well-being.
The Teaching and Learning committee is proud and excited to have Edward Leigh, Founder and Director of the Center for Healthcare Communications, Cleveland, OH. “Joy on the Job – Creating a Positive Workplace Environment”. In this engaging presentation he will
offer the ingredients to create an energized work environment using the STICK method.
In it, we will learn how to:
Decrease Stress
Enhance Team building
Inspire people
Communicate more effectively
Increase our level of Kindness
In Leigh’s afternoon session, “Laughter and Learning”, we will learn how to use humor as an educational tool in our classrooms.

******Another afternoon session in our line up is "Tools you can use for "Relaxation and Stress Relief" right at your desk! Presented by our own adjunct faculty colleague, Catherine Boskovic. In this session you will learn ways of incorporating practical exercises and aromatherapy to increase energy, enhance creative thinking and improve your mental and physical well-being.

For more information contact Faculty Training and Development Specialist

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